We are a friendly mixed group who get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others. New members are very welcome and are easily integrated into the Club.

The Membership Secretary is Ron Syratt and he can be contacted on
01296 484492
Like other Lions Clubs we have a bannerette which we give to visitors to the Club or when we make a visit to another Club. 
All profits raised from our activities go to charities and other good causes.
Our administrative and running costs are met from a modest subscription,
currently £25 per half year.

We were please to receive  the following new members in 2015.

Yusuf Noorbhai and Biren Patel were inducted as members of our Club at our business meeting on August 12th 2015.
Rami Amin was inducted as a member of the Club by D G Meena Gupta at the business meeting held on September 2nd 2015.

Our President Peter Gasson exchanged club pennants with our guest David Parker of the Lions Club of Pukekohe, New Zealand on 10th August 2016.